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Cathy has been fortunate to work with thought leaders, change agents, humanitarians, and folks who simply want to improve the way we live and work.  From high technology to food, she takes on clients who truly want to make a difference for Cause and Effect.  She believes that your story is your purpose and makes sure that your "why" is always front and center with your audience.  Her client portfolio consists of a lot of folks who have introduced "firsts" and admits that her clients find her in a crowd because they see that she sees them and their purpose. Introducing a first is not easy, especially with all of the on-line noise.  But this does not deter Cathy.  She takes on each client as though they are the most important client that she has ever had.  She gives you her all and works with you as a business partner.  For Cathy, telling your story to the right audience to get them to take action is what she thrives at.  For more information on how Cathy ticks, please visit her LinkedIn profile.


  • Introduced industry firsts including HDMI, “SIRI-like” software for Microsoft Office, Java, portable, battery-operated computers, sports stamina sensors, graphite tennis rackets, and a purpose-focused employee engagement fundraising platform.

  • Ran communications and sponsorship program for the first earthquake and hurricane resistant home.

  • Re-ignited HP as a consumer-focused organization.

  • Led market analyst relations programs for Compaq, HP, SGI, and Sun Microsystems.

  • Launched Women in Technology International (WITI) as a top 10 start-up in Los Angeles.

  • Brought Emmy award singer, Toni Childs, back into the spotlight.

  • Built and generated name for Academy Award winner, Patricia Arquette’s eco-sanitation cause, GiveLove.

  • Started a company, BabyWeConnect, in an effort to provide premature babies with 24/7 human connection.

  • Started a mental health non-profit, Giving Purpose Organization.

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